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How to Keep Trees Growing Healthy and Strong

Disease and overgrown branches can take their toll on otherwise healthy trees. To keep your trees from dying or toppling in a storm, Tufts Tree Service LLC of Farmers Branch, Plano and Richardson, TX can provide tree trimming services seasonally or as needed.

We'll use handsaws or small chainsaws to prune your tree without damaging the trunk or surrounding branches. Your tree should...

  • Look better than ever
  • Withstand high winds
  • Live a long, healthy life

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What is reduction pruning?

What is reduction pruning?

We use this tree trimming method in the Farmers Branch, Plano and Richardson, TX areas to remove up to 10% of a tree's branches, which will let more wind and sunlight through the canopy. Getting affordable tree pruning work done is a good way to boost your curb appeal without busting your budget.

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