Learn more about tree trunk injection services in the Farmers Branch, Plano & Richardson, TX areas

Nurse Your Trees Back to Health

A dying tree is an ugly sight to see, especially when it's in the middle of your yard. That's why Tufts Tree Service LLC offers tree trunk injection options. We use injection methods to place nutrients directly into the trunk and roots of the tree. Results typically begin to show within 60 days of service.

The longer you wait, the harder it will be to revive your tree. Contact us today to set up tree services for your Farmers Branch, Plano or Richardson, TX property.

When should you call us?

When should you call us?

Even if you think your tree is beyond saving, it might stand a chance with help from Tufts Tree Service. You may benefit from tree trunk injection services if...

  • Your tree is dying from disease.
  • Pests have infested your tree.
  • Your tree isn't getting necessary nutrients.

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